Filming Adventures

So one thing I feel very passionate about is fair rights for people. Equal rights in regards to race, sexuality, and in regards to what I’ll be writing about, rights to your own body.

When I started back in college a couple of weeks ago, after Christmas, we got our next assignment: a short documentary on a current hot topic. I knew instantly what I wanted to do, abortion. Luckily for me, the other members of my group agreed.

At the moment in Ireland, women are not entitled to an abortion. Many women travel abroad, mainly to the UK to avail of one. Currently, around 12 women go to the UK each day from Ireland for abortions.

Last week, to get some shots for this documentary, we went up to Dublin to a rally, protesting for pro-choice, outside the main government buildings.

I found it very empowering to be in a place filled with people with the same opinions and feelings on the matter. Men and women alike were going around with banners and posters, appealing for change.

A photo I took on Snapchat (elaine_t97) to commemorate that moment in my life.

There was a projection up on the wall of one of the buildings, showing us the government, with the politicians all giving their own opinion of the argument.

People came from across the country, I even met some people from Poland who spoke to me about the issues there in regards to abortion, and how, as they couldn’t protest there, they wanted to make sure they could at least get their voices heard here.

We went around with our camera, interviewing different people, getting their own say on the matter. From my past experience of asking people to talk on camera I found it can be a challenge. Wednesday, however, anyone I went up to seemed more than happy to talk. I believe, as it has taken so long for our voices to be heard, we all have built up emotions, ready to come out when given the opportunity.

Everytime there was a break from the politicians, the same line could be heard ringing across the crowd: “we won’t wait, repeal the 8th!” The 8th refers to the 8th amendment in our constitution that prevents abortions from being allowed here in Ireland.

That rally was such a great experience for me, I feel like I am part of such a major turning point in my society. Especially as a woman, this is something that may impact me or someone I know, it really was just empowering, which is just the best word to describe it, in my opinion.

This was one of those experiences while filming that I really enjoy. I got to go to this rally and meet so many people who have all these interesting stories to share. I love it. I love that I have this power to tell these stories, I can give people the ability to let their voices be heard, which, for me, is pretty magical.

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