Mud, Muck & Mayhem

Today I met up with one of my oldest friends. We both brought our dogs with us, but this was the first time they met so we weren’t sure how they would get on, especially as my lil missus is particularly feisty.

Emmers a.k.a. Emily a.k.a. my lil everything

As this is my first post talking about my Emmers, here is a photo to put a face to the name.

My friend and I live very close so only brought them around our local canal, as in, no where the doggos haven’t been before. However, this in no way took away from the adventure of the situation.

Upon first meeting, all our dogs seemed to get on pretty well, as they did for most of the afternoon, bar a couple of incidents when each appeared to want to show they were the more dominant. All in all, it went pretty well.

Some of our usual spots in the canal had flooded, causing the areas around to become waterlogged. Of course the dogs wanted to investigate everything. During an adventure through a short tunnel, Emmers found some wonderful poo to roll in, and afterwards started climbing through some bushes… not a blade of grass was left unexplored.

When I left my home this morning, I was in no way expecting them to get quite as dirty as they did…or as I did either for that fact! I guess that’s what happens when you walk three dogs down such a swampy area the day after a storm.

The Three Amigas: Emmers, Pickles & Whiskey

Once we all parted ways, myself and Emmers headed home. After our near two-hour walk anyone would imagine she would be somewhat tired, but that’s not my Emmers. As soon as she stepped foot in our front door she was jumping and bouncing around the place, covering me in even more muck. I let her out the back for a bit to help tire her out some more.

By the end of the day, all of us needed a bath for sure. Unfortunately for Emmers, they are in no way her favourite activity. Which is ironic considering her undying love for the hose in summer. She was really good though and let my give her a good aul wash. (I almost didn’t need one myself after with the amount of splashing on her part!).

Now my little angel is curled up in front of the fire in front of me, relaxing after her very busy day.

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