My Cameras First Day Home

My Canon EOS 200D was a somewhat impulsive buy, but I’ve no regrets. I wanted to invest in a good DSLR for a while now, so yay to a future of better quality filmmaking from me, aye!

The latest member to my clan.

Luckily for me, this camera was made with cinematography in mind. I got a really good offer on it, and it came with two lenses, which I can’t wait to put to good use.

I have so many ideas for little short films, and now with this I can actually start to but a visual aspect to my current black-on-white current scripts. This new excuse to make artsier, more professional films is just too exciting for my lil being to take.

As soon as I got it I was like a child wanting to play with it. Of course, I had to charge the battery first so as soon as I saw that green light from across the room I shot (no pun intended) up and switched it on instantly.

Now, I didn’t have many great opportunities of things to photograph or film in my home, so Emmers stepped in as my lil model. She chilled around the living room, while I followed her with my new other baby, taking loads of not so amazing photos as I messed around with all the different functions.

Emmers wanting to know all about this latest contraption in her life.

I got a very cute video of her sticking her nose right up to the camera lens, figuring out what it was. I won’t spam you with photos of her. I’ll just inform you that they are, in fact, all cute.

Instead, I am supposed to be going to a forest park tomorrow, and will take loads and photos, which I will share here after.

So, that is that. I can’t wait to share about all my future filming adventures there now!

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