A Tale of Drunken Empowerment

So last Friday night I went out drinking for the first time in about a month. Now, after a not-so-great experience last month on Stevens’ Night, I promised myself I wouldn’t drink that much. And I didn’t…But I did come close.

Several hours of drinks and shots into this night made me decide to get some water so I  stumbled over to the bar to rehydrate. It was quite busy though and I struggled to get any attention from the bartender. Luckily for me, a guy came up beside me and got the water for me, while other a round for himself and his friends.

We began chatting away, and I’m not sure how but, me being me, I started explaining to him all about the gender inequality in the film industry. I provided him with many different facts and statistics, explaining how only around 10% of Hollywood directors are female or how much I loved Natalie Portman for her “And here are all the male nominees” comment at the Golden Globes.

This poor chap, he listened to me ramble on for maybe 10 minutes..? Maybe more..? I don’t regret it though, it’s an issue only really coming to light now with so many wonderful women finding the courage to speak up.

After however long a time had passed, I turned to head back to my friends, but not before I told him to remember my name. I told him I would be part of this new age of Hollywood, free of evil and filled with equality. I told him I wanted to be part of this new change. And I meant every word.

I know that I have a tendency to dream unrealistically big. Trust me, I’ll be the first person to admit to that. But sure, why not? My drunken slurs of words that night were no different to my sober thoughts any other day. I do want to make a change. I do want to be successful in myself. But the key term there is ‘in myself’. Yes, I would like to go places, become someone, and maybe I will, but as long as I feel happy in myself wherever I go, isn’t that all that matters?



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