Acting for Days

So today, I had the privilege of getting to walk around my college dressed exactly like a walkin’, talkin’ smartie. We were filming a segment for our kids TV show, ‘Delivery Dan’. Though I usually prefer a part behind the camera, I thought I’d give acting another go and so played ‘Holly Helper’, a shop assistant in ‘Betty’s Bookstore’.

My view for the day, reading Peter Rabbit, dying under the heat of the lights

I spent a grand majority of the morning, and more or else the whole afternoon, standing behind a desk, under super hot studio lights, stupidly drinking tea which just made me even more warm.

I was so embarrassed walking around as Holly. I went from my usually dark coloured clothing, to blindingly bright colours.

Once I got dressed, I had to spend another short bit in the ladies bathroom doing my makeup, feeling like I needed to explain my peculiar clothing to anyone who walked in. Eventually I finished up and got to hide in the comfort of the studio once more.

Unfortunately, however, I didn’t have such an opportunity during our lunch break where I had to travel the college as Holly once more.

This was very stressful for me as I trekked to the far corners of our college campus as my peers had a smoke, feeling quite intimidating by everyone else around us, as though they were judging me (which to be fair they probably were).

Me, or more so ‘Holly’, looking terrifyingly colourful, and also very warm in the numerous layers

At one stage, when I went to get tea, I was afraid to go on my own as all I could feel was the eyes of strangers following me, so I had to ask a friend to come with me .

As I want to work behind the camera in the future, it is good to work in front of it at least once, so as to have a better idea of what it is like as an actor, working with lights and cameras on you, the pressure of so many people watching and the stress you may feel if you make a mistake.

I’m quite camera-shy, and just shy in general as well, so if I was to ask myself a year ago if I would perform in front of a camera I never would have imagine I’d have said yes. In all honesty, this was quite a milestone for me. This wasn’t the first time I acted this year, but it was my first proper experience. I’m quite proud of myself for having come this far in less than a year.


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