Snow Days ’18

A Springtime Winter Wonderland

Having arrived back in Dublin from Brussels on an early flight due my original one being cancelled, the first thing I noticed was Ireland on lock down. I had heard stories while I was away of transport being cancelled and shops running low on stock (bread became the most important item in any Irish household!). But nothing prepared me for what lay ahead.

Initially my mother and I said we’d just pop into Dunnes on the way home to grab some food. Naive doesn’t begin to describe. Nothing was open. Through Facebook, I heard a rumour that the Square in Tallaght was open until two. That gave us an hour. The countdown started. When we arrived there was people genuinely arguing with security to let them in. Apparently it was too packed inside so no one else could go. We managed to find a butchers and got a few things then decided there was nothing more really we could do as there was a curfew from the government to stay inside after four as a blizzard was to hit. With time running out we went to collect Emmers.

Emmers looking for cuddles & attention

Our car skidded a few times and even spun at one point which was pretty scary, and almost ended up in the back of a tractor, but we eventually got there. It was a fly in visit as Emmers said goodbye to her new friends and we made our way home. Mum was incredibly stressed, losing control a couple of times on these snowy back roads.

We finally got home, and boy, were we relieved. The first things we did was stick on the heating and boil some water for tea. Time to relax was a must at this stage. We brought down blankets and the three of us cozied up on the couch, watched The Crown and listened to this blizzard. It was mental. The wind was chaotic. It sounded even worse than a hurricane we had here just a few months ago. I half expected some trees in the garden to be uprooted by morning.

When I got up the next morning, we were snowed in. Several feet of snow surrounded our home in every direction. Drifts were as deep as nearly 4 or 5 feet in places. It was without a doubt the worst snow of my lifetime. Our coal was all out in the shed so we had to shovel our way there, as well as shovel a little area for Emmers, so she could do go outside without sinking in snow three times her heights.

Braving the cold

As the day wore on, cabin fever set in and so myself and Emmers went out to explore this cold and snowy realm. All the paths were covered in at least a foot of snow so everyone walked on the roads. Cars were few and far between, with most needing a hand at some stage due to the depth of the snow effecting the ability to drive. We made our way to the canal, walking through beautiful scenery. Snow covered every inch of the ground, the trees, even the canal itself was frozen over. It looked like something from a fairytale.

The snow got heavier as we headed back. Regardless we battles through the forces and arrived home to a more blankets and tea in front of the fire. I started work on editing a little video of our adventures which I might upload here soon.

Well, the Beast from the East has definitely left its mark on us. It will be a March to remember, that’s for sure.

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