Female Empowerment P.II

I am very late to the International Women’s Day party, but nonetheless I have things to write and things to say. Thursday last, myself and my friend, Grace, went up to Dublin to take part in the Women’s Day march in support of Repeal the 8th.

Me putting on the badge, provided to me by People Before Profit

Now, I did not go with signs of quotes or inspiration. However, I did go with a voice. One that was more than ready to be heard. Both of us wearing our “Pro-Choice” badges with pride, we marched alongside everyone, down O’Connell St., making our way to the Dáil.

I was stuck between wanted to film everything, to make a short video, and also just admiring the moment. Being in the middle of how many people, screaming and yelling for women’s rights… there’s nothing quite like it. Empowering just doesn’t begin to describe.

Some people from pro-life were at the side of the march, trying to convince us we were wrong, to no avail. Voting against abortions won’t stop abortions, it will stop safe ones

“If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child”

It’s so basic, yet some people are still in denial about that. And once the baby is born, none of the pro-lifers care about its life, if it has enough food or love, if it’s getting an adequate eduction, if it’s in good health. 

I could rant about this forever. I was asked once by a person from the pro-life side if I would shoot an eight year old child in the head, seeing as I have no issue with killing an unborn baby. Of course I said no. My whole point is that what they consider an unborn child, I consider a fetus. And to me, there is a major difference. I do believe that fetus (or unborn child, if you rather), should have equal rights to the woman carrying it. She is more than just a vessel. We are more than just a vessel.

At the end of the day, I believe that if you don’t want an abortion, then don’t have one. But I don’t feel that anyone has the right to take away someone elses choice.

Rant over.

So yeah, the march was wonderful. There was even dogs wearing repeal t-shirts which made me regret not having brought Emmers along! There was just a wonderful sense of community that evening. Hopefully it will be the last International Women’s Day here in Ireland, under the 8th amendment. If not, the government can be sure, we won’t stop until it is.

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