5 Reasons I Love Blogging

I’ve been on here for around 2 months there now and although I wasn’t sure at the beginning, I really enjoy it now. I find that I am slowly getting into a routine, where I am now posting every week, hopefully every Friday so stay tuned!

There’s many different reasons so without further ado let me share my wonderful 5 reasons why I love blogging!

Confidence Boast

IMG_6393I am a very quiet, shy person. But I also have a lot of thoughts and opinions. Before I started this blog, I would rant a lot to my close friends but ultimately would keep to myself, too afraid to speak up in a group.

Now, I still am shy but not half as much as I was. I try to speak up when I have an opinion, I try to not care as much if people disagree or if I feel they are judging me. It stresses me out but I am trying to force myself to ignore others and focus on myself. Why should I feel anyone else is entitled to opinions other than me? I need understand that I am as entitled to one as anyone else.


To continue from the point above, finding my voice is also helping me to feel more comfortable in myself, which is something I am not used to. I’m not saying it is improving per se, in fact, in recent months I have gotten worse between depressive episodes and an increased number of anxiety attacks.

Still, I as I am feeling more comfortable in myself for the first time, I am beginning to see progress. Progress that I never thought would happen. So for me, this is a remarkable achievement.

Endless Writing OpportunitiesIMG_5726

I love writing. I’ve liked it for a while now and would like to continue it as a possible career in the future. This blog allows me to practise on a regular basis with actual readers rather than just for myself, who can also provide me with feedback.

With this, I can write whenever I have time, and post what I feel I want to share. It allows me to share stories and experiences from my own life. And hopefully doing so will help improve my writing.

Virtual Diary

This acts a s a personal account for me to look back on in years to come if I want to. I can laugh at my ridiculous thoughts and stories, and possible cringe at a few (hello, Drunken Empowerment).

That’s something I look forward to in the future. I have had diaries in the past, most of which are now long gone, but this one can be here forever, allowing me to eternally store these memories.

Personal & Uniqueimg_5591-e1521413648944.jpg

A blog is something that is personal to you. And you alone. What you write, photos you post, everything is you, but on a screen. It’s a unique place to show your mind to the world in words and imagery. It provides me with a platform where I really can just be myself, unlike the likes of Snapchat or Instagram where everything is taken to look good. On here, I can be a real, raw version of me. And I think that’s something special. Everything can be done that bit differently which makes it all the more individual.



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