Livin’ That Dam Life

Just back from my latest adventure, Amsterdam. A city filled with soul. It’s high on the list of any travel lover, and after this trip I could see where it got its popularity.

We made sure to come for the famous tulip season

From the moment we entered, there was activity everywhere. Not going to lie, crossing the roads was such a stress for myself and my friend, Grace! No matter how many times you may have looked, there would still be a tram or bicycle coming your way as soon as your foot hit the road… or maybe that was just us!

Once we landed, we headed straight for Centraal Station and worked from there. We walked around the canals, in search of food. We found a wonderful little bar that served some falafel burgers and sandwiches. By the time we left, we were stuffed and ready for some adventure!

Now, we were doing a budget style trip of Amsterdam. We had a list on our phones of 50 free things to do, and worked mainly off that. That meant a lot of walking, and by the end of the first day we had walked 20km.

We checked out Cannabis College, the Royal Palace and the Tulip Museum. We got a free ferry across to the EYE Filmmuseum and checked out one of the two IAmsterdam signs.

IAmsterdam sign we stumbled upon

Later we walked to Anne Franks house. It was a sobering experience to be there and think about what her and her family went through and all the other families like hers. The streets we were roaming so carefree, would have been so different for them over seventy years ago.

Later in the evening we went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! during their ‘happy hour’. We had such a blast there, it was super interesting and that spiny tunnel- my god!- we couldn’t stop laughing in that! Every floor was just an adventure in itself. Such an experience.

The next day we got up late enough after our 3am start the day previous. We went straight for food and had the most amazing lunch in the Vegan Junk Food Bar. Uuuuugh I want to go back there it was SO insanely good! And such a great atmosphere! We got talking to a couple of people from America who had just been in Dublin. We were actually asked if we were from America which was a first for both of us!..Tangent aside anyway, if you are in Amsterdam, vegan or not, go here!!!

Go here!!!!!!!

This day we stuck around the Rijksmuseum area. There was some gorilla campaign..thing? for Magnum ice cream there. People drove up in a few different vintage cars and clothing, blasted some tunes, danced and handed out ice cream. I never turn down free icecream, that’s for sure!

The most epic tree located in the Rijksmuseum gardens

Rain seriously came down that day, but that didn’t stop us. We explored the gardens, saw beautiful buildings, checked out Vondelpark (and all the adorable doggos!!), and got compleeeeetely drowned! Managed to get lost somehow, but found a tram and got our way back!

We went to the Albert Cuypmarkt and tried authentic stroopwafels, which are a personal favourite in my life. They are sooo good, especially when they are hot and fresh!

We went to the Red Light District that night after dinner in an Argentinian restaurant. To the best of my knowledge it was a medieval city centre, filled with many alleys. All the lights reflected in the canal was very atmospheric. And it was quite different to walk down a street where prostitution is legalised. Likewise I did find it pretty weird seeing weed everywhere with no repercussions. Amsterdam is just so liberal its great!

The millions of bikes that are everywhere (There are apparently more bikes than people in this city!!)

Our final day came and we decided to just ramble around until we needed to go to the airport. We visited the Waterlooplein Market and rambled around some vintage shops. After much confusion, we managed to get a train to the airport and made our way home.

Amsterdam is most definitely a place anyone should try to visit. It’s so gorgeous and there is an endless supply of things to do and places to explore! I don’t think anything really prepared me for the amount of bikes here, it was so cool. There’s just such a culture here. As I mentioned above, it’s one helluva liberal city. Such an incredible place.

P.s. keep an eye out, I’m planning on getting my YouTube linked here soon 😉

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  1. Great read! I love Amsterdam! Next time your there you should try the pizza & unlimited beer/wine boat tour, added to the trip so much!!

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    1. Omg that sounds amazing! I’m actually heading back in just over a month haha do you know the name of the boat?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Check out my latest post!

        The link for the tickets are there 🙂 Have a fab time babe.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks a mill💜

        Liked by 1 person

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