DiL 2018

Last night, at 4:15 am myself and a few others from work walked our town as the sun began to rise to help break the stigma of mental health and raise money for Pieta House.

Now, it probably would have been smart to get some sleep prior to the 5k walk, but instead we went to our friends house first for pizza and the chats. We almost lost track of the time but when we noticed it was close to quarter to four we made our way to the racecourse where it was to begin.

It was cold and muddy, but we were wrapped up and avoided the puddles. We went to the meeting point, and as soon as the clock hit quarter past we started.

A sea of yellow, roaming the streets earlier this morning

Waves of yellow t-shirts and shining lights made their way through the originally dark streets, some running, jogging, or like me, walking. There was so many dogs!! I almost brought Emmers but thought I would leave her to sleep instead. It was so wonderful though, all of the dogs, big, little, just loving the attention.


We started as a group, but quickly got split up as my friend and I were talking, only turning around after a while, to realise we walked on well ahead. As it turned up the group had split up into similar, buddy-system sized groups and we all just met up in the end.

Once we got back to the racecourse the sun was rising, it was beautiful. Everyone was going around taking photos as the sun rised, music played and tea and coffee was available for all.

The sun begining to rise, after our finished

We went for a little breakfast afterwards but it was a little bit too busy for me so I had to leave after a while. I was so tired after pulling the all-nighter I just wanted my bed at that stage! I came home to a very excited Emmers, who filled me with cuddles before I eventually crawled into bed, not to wake up until half one in the afternoon! …And then feel asleep again a few hours later. (I am a seriously sleepy person if that’s not apparent!).


Overall, it was a wonderful experience, one I would definitely do again. Probably bringing my lil dog of my own next year too! It’s such a beautiful thing to be in one place where everyone just wants to do there part to help an issue that affects so many people. I’m so glad I was able to get involved.

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