A Spontaneous Painting Date

With the sun shining in through the window, providing the much-needed hope of brighter days ahead, I finally felt the urge to paint again, a desire I had denied myself for a couple of months now. I struggle to motivate myself to continue my hobbies for fear of not being good enough at them – even though they are only hobbies so, in reality, it shouldn’t matter regardless. I felt good though, so I pushed myself. Something about that sun.

I had seen that trend on TikTok of owners ‘painting’ with their dogs. I decided today was the day. Playing some good music, I grabbed a square canvas, some of my pastel paints, a Ziploc bag and peanut butter and got to work.

Picking the colours that called to us, I began to pour them out on a random pattern on the canvas, ensuring there would be enough to fill any bare sections. Once that was complete, I was on to the peanut butter. It was at this point that Emily was jumping around with excitement. I spread it out on the outside of the Ziploc bag, as evenly as I could. Once again, making sure there would be enough to cover it from corner to corner. Sealing the bag, and my job was done.

Barely able to contain herself, Emily was prancing around, fully aware that her moment was coming. I brought our canvas outside so we could enjoy the sun during this next part. It had hardly hit the patio when Emily was on it. Her time to shine, she got straight into it. This was more time consuming as she didn’t want to miss an inch. I relaxed in this gorgeous weather as she worked away.

The literal second that she was finished, she grabbed the bag and all its contents, ensuing a game of chase as I tried to get it back from her. This was a wholly hilarious experience as she clearly got great joy at darting out from under my feet each time I got at all close. Eventually, I did get it back, with everything intact.

At this point, I was able to remove the painting from the bag and admire our work of art. Emily was delighted with herself, her tail never stopped wagging! I think we are both happy with how it turned out. The colours work well together as far as I’m concerned. Now we wait for it to dry as the paint is quite thick in places. Once it finally dries I am hoping to get her paw print on it, somehow or other, and her name. Maybe mine too, considering it was a joint effort! I am so excited to fully complete it, and I know Emily is too!

P.s.: Inspired while doing this, I posted my first TikTok to join in on the trend!

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  1. Lizzie says:

    I’d love to see a pic of the end results! Adorable story!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Lizzie! I should have attached a photo🙈😂 you can see the finished piece on TikTok by following the link at the bottom though lol


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