Easter Week Updates

This week has had such lovely weather. It really does feel like summer is coming, especially since the clocks went forward just last week. Although there has been a bitter chill in the air, the sun makes up for it entirely – so long as a multitude of layers are worn. I feel as though this week has been ever so slightly chaotic, but in the best way! So much has been happening that it’s hard to believe one week has gone by already. Granted, I am finishing this post up on Easter Monday. I decided to take a break for the bank holiday weekend. So, without further ado, here is a mini life update on this sunny week gone by.

To begin, last weekend I found myself once again fighting off the strong impulse to dye my hair. I have gone through this back and forth many times over the years, but even increasingly more now with the lockdowns. Each time I fight off the urge but this time it won. Without any further thinking, I went straight to Boots and bought some toner and a bottle. I may have been somewhat naive in thinking the balayage in my hair would be light enough to see a result. Unfortunately for me, the ‘Smokey Rosé’ colour that I was going for was not visible, unless of course, the sun hit my hair at a very specific angle in which case you could witness an element of pink.

This was not good enough to fill this colourful-hair-void in my heart, and so the following day, after some advice, my friend pointed me in a direction that was a lot more hopeful. Maybe too hopeful though as I ultimately decided to mix in another peachy colour with it so to try and achieve a colour similar to what I was envisioning. As soon as I got home I got to work. Again.

[Disclaimer: I used ‘Bleach London Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Cream’. Now I know very little about hair products and dye, but this is supposedly easy to wash out and therefore does less damage to my hair. The downside is that it washes out quick enough. But that was perfect for little ol’ experimenting me.]

I washed my hair thoroughly. This time around, as soon as I hopped out of the shower I decided to chop a couple inches off too. I mean, how long will it be until I get to see a hairdresser at this stage? My split ends can’t wait that long. I finally got around to the fun part next; mixing the vibrant colours together. The temptation to bleach my hair entirely and just use the peach colour on its own was real. But I am not ready for that level of commitment just yet.

I found that the ‘Awkward Peach’ completely absorbed itself into the ‘The Big Pink’, meanwhile, the latter didn’t change a shade. I was pretty nervous. Strangely nervous considering I tried to dye it the night before with no luck. I just wasn’t feeling fully dedicated to such a strong colour. Regardless, I pushed myself through the fear and went ahead with applying the pretty striking colour and left it on for around fifty minutes or so.

The anticipation began to get to me and I got back into the shower to wash it all out. The colour of the water was pink. Very, very vividly pink. I was equally nervous and excited. It was late, though, and I rarely fully dry my hair, so I wasn’t able to see a full effect. I wasn’t sure originally, but the next morning I was a fan. Everything is just so stale these days, I am desperate to grasp at anything remotely thrilling.

The following day is the first day I think I’ve worn makeup in so long, I don’t even remember. I just wanted to feel good about myself, and help reduce any regrets about the new hair colour. Breaking out my old favourites and new products that I’ve been waiting for some excuse to really try out, I got to work. It was just nice to put in that effort again. The effort that just over one year ago I was would have been putting in on a daily basis. Maybe even closer to a year ago, because I think early into that first lockdown I was trying for a while before I ultimately gave up.

To continue on this theme of trying to break free from these lockdown chains, all while sticking by the restrictions, of course, the weather encouraged me to try some more walking. Now, obviously, we are all pretty sick of walking. One part of it that really gets to me is that when I go for a walk it’s because I want to clear my head, but everywhere is just so busy. Everywhere, all the time. I do also see the hypocrisy of complaining about people being somewhere that I also am. So I even hate just acknowledging it. But Jesus, I just want to go on a quiet walk again.

I finally cracked and went out in search of the least packed place I could physically think of in my 5km radius. I got Emily ready and we managed to find somewhere with only a handful of other people passing us. It actually reminded me of how much I do enjoy walking. These days it can really be easy to forget.

The sun was beaming down on us as we strolled along by the water. It was so peaceful. Genuinely, utterly tranquil. As we walked, we only had the sounds of the water and the birds singing to fill the air. Occassionally we would pass some other walkers, some of who also had a dog or several and I would have to keep Emily relaxed, or when she was well behaved, congragulate her after passing them. On this specific day, Emily was incredibly well behaved. I guess the serenity in the air stretched to everything it was touching as well.

At one point, a man in a kayak passed us by in the water. This was Emily’s first time ever seeing a kayak and boy, oh boy was she passionate. Off she jumped about two feet in the air to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature in the canal. Then she raced and raced after it, pulling me along with her for a hefty run. She was thoroughly buzzed. I was ecstatic just seeing how happy a simple kayak made her. It may just have been (definitely was) the highlight of my week.

As I said above, it’s been one crazy week for me personally. But I still made the most of it, in the few spots of free time I seemed to have. I know that this is just a very simple example of two things I have done this week to break up the monotony, but they did have a relatively powerful impact. They allowed me to change up my normal routine and do things to help me feel better about myself, which ultimately was the whole point. Hopefully this coming week I will have further opportunities to break away from this lockdown cycle, even if it’s only in another simple or short way.

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