inside scoop on my new (paper) shoot

A ‘Paper Shoot’ camera is a screenless, digital camera consisting of a circuit board, 2 AAA batteries, and an SD card, all encased in a ‘stone paper’ covering. Its purpose is to give you film style photos without the film itself. In fact, you can’t see any of the pictures you take until you upload them to a computer or laptop. I really enjoy the air of mystery of never knowing just how good or bad the image has come out. Even the viewfinder is a simple cut out in the paper, so every photo taken is kind of a gamble until you get used to it.

Feeling Prideful

The fear was powerful. Trying to deal with everyday teenage life is hard enough without confusion over your sexuality thrown into the mix and then the fear that I would lose everyone around me. I was sick to my stomach in some of the earlier days over it. And to make matters worse, I didn’t even feel that I had anyone that I could speak with. The mental isolation had well and truly set in.

Poland Adventures

My flight ended up delayed for a few hours, which involved sitting on a packed plane for an extra couple of hours. Looking back, I probably should have embraced the added hours, as I think many of us would do anything for them nowadays. I was sitting beside a lovely couple, though, so we had the chats to pass the time. Another random aspect I love of airports is talking with strangers. There is a curious intimacy you can share amongst people when confined inside a narrow metal tube.


I am bored of not travelling. Ireland is a beautiful country. But being confined to a five-kilometre radius is exhausting. The most exotic part of my weeks is the new queuing system Tesco has set up for their self-service checkouts. But, I am also bored of being bored. I have decided to stop focusing on what I can not do and instead on what I can. So without further ado, I introduce a new feature where I share my nostalgia for past travels and dreams for my future ones.

Mini Marathon Magic

Last Sunday, I woke up late. I had 30 minutes to get up and make the train to Dublin for this years Women’s Mini Marathon. I rolled out of bed, had a couple sips of tea, threw on the leggings and t-shirt closest to me, and ran out the door.

DiL 2018

Last night, at 4:15 am myself and a few others from work walked our town as the soon began to rise to help break the stigma and raise money for Pieta House.

Livin’ That Dam Life

Just back from my latest adventure, Amsterdam. A city filled with soul. It’s high on the list of any travel lover, and after this trip I could see where it got its popularity.

Female Empowerment P.II

I am very late to the International Women’s Day party, but nonetheless I have things to write and things to say. Thursday last, myself and my friend, Grace, went up to Dublin to take part in the Women’s Day march in support of Repeal the 8th.

My Friends Are Amazing

I have had a very low week. I was very unkind to myself and spent a lot of time wrapped up in my own head. A few things really got to me, but ultimately, it really showed me who my real friends were. Not to sound cliché, but I really don’t know where I would’ve been without them. So, to thank them, here’s a lil shout out to these gems in my life.♥

A Tale of Drunken Empowerment

So last Friday night I went out drinking for the first time in about a month. Now, after a not-so-great experience last month on Stevens’ Night, I promised myself I wouldn’t drink that much. And I didn’t…But I did come close.