College Days

I do feel that my college experience was especially tumultuous, but maybe I am just being self-centered with that mindset. However, the past few days and weeks I have found myself reflecting on the past four years, and to that I felt that the best way to process each individual year would be to write about it.

Consent Matters: The Cuddle Party Edition

I am currently in the process of making a documentary as part of college, and I chose to do mine on consent. Obviously this is a major issue worldwide, and has been going to forever, so I wanted to do something in order to help combat this problem.

Mini Marathon Magic

Last Sunday, I woke up late. I had 30 minutes to get up and make the train to Dublin for this years Women’s Mini Marathon. I rolled out of bed, had a couple sips of tea, threw on the leggings and t-shirt closest to me, and ran out the door.

DiL 2018

Last night, at 4:15 am myself and a few others from work walked our town as the soon began to rise to help break the stigma and raise money for Pieta House.

r e p e a l

One of the things that has been keeping me busy has been campaign work for our upcoming referendum in Ireland. Incase you havent heard about it, the referendum follows the 8th amendment in our constitution and whether or not we want to keep it, or, repeal and enable our government to develop a new one.

My Week of Positivity

This past few days I didn’t feel quite as bad as normal. In fact, I would almost go as far as to say I felt somewhat content in life. I had decided I wouldn’t let anyone have the power to take away my happiness. I wanted to remain as chill and zen as possible. And as I decided that this week is the week that I challenge myself to stay positive.

Seven Days. It doesn’t seem that long. It shouldn’t be that hard. I just hope that by the end of these seven days I can say I didn’t feel let my depression week.

5 Reasons I Love Blogging

I’ve been on here for around 2 months there now and although I wasn’t sure at the beginning, I really enjoy it now. I find that I am slowly getting into a routine, where I am now posting every week, hopefully every Friday so stay tuned!

There’s many different reasons so without further ado let me share my wonderful 7 reasons why I love blogging!

My Friends Are Amazing

I have had a very low week. I was very unkind to myself and spent a lot of time wrapped up in my own head. A few things really got to me, but ultimately, it really showed me who my real friends were. Not to sound cliché, but I really don’t know where I would’ve been without them. So, to thank them, here’s a lil shout out to these gems in my life.♥

Acting for Days

So today, I had the privalege of getting to walk around my college dressed exactly like a walkin’, talkin’ smartie. We were filming a segment for our kids TV show, ‘Delievery Dan’. Though I usually prefer a part behind the camera, I thought I’d give acting another go and so played ‘Holly Helper’, a shop assistant in ‘Betty’s Bookstore’.

The (Im)possible Quest.

Mental health is something I have struggled with for many years now, though I have only been officially diagnosed over a year and a half ago. For maybe a year leading up to that, a friend of mine continuously attempted to try to make me get help, but I refused. I was ashamed. I knew there was a problem but, in my eyes, if I were to be formally told, I would let my parents down. I was afraid of people looking at me differently or thinking I was weak.